The chapter “Songs” gives the opportunity to know the titles and the details of each of the hundred and fifty standards that form this collection. When opening it, four “Sections” show up. In the first one, the songs’ titles are listed in alphabetical order and, in the second one, in chronological order of their composition. In the third one, there is indication of the abbreviations used to define the instruments played by the musicians who took part in the recording. This has been the solution chosen not to make the information excessively long and, also, because it is an established jazz tradition. In the forth “Section”, the different titles that some performers and/or musicians used for the same song are showed.

To listen to a song, place the cursor on the performer’s name and click on it when its colour changes. Thanks to all the people who made connection to the videos possible.

standards jazz-clasicos del jazz- Duke Ellington
Duke Ellington Orchestra